Digital House Building

Simple, fast and environmentally friendly these are the hallmarks of digital house building. Our technology and construction according to neo - ecological principles not only makes your dream house a reality, but it also protects the environment: the correspondence with stakeholders is also moved into a digital space, so as to reach the goal of temperature scoring. In this way, environmentally friendly and sustainable planning can be played through in advance and adapted to your own resources.

Architecture & Visualization

In the VR-World you will find numerous model houses and all construction components for your individual dream house - from the floor plan to the furniture.

Inspiration & Kreation

In our BEE Green World, you can experience your new home with the possibility of a trial living. You can play through various living ideas and plan everything down to the smallest detail.

Sicherheit & Transparenz

Our modern block chain technology stores and protects your documents and data relating to your construction project and facilitates a possible resale, amongst other things.

Umwelt- & Klimaschutz

With our digital access and the realization of your new home in accordance with our fair construction code, you contribute to environmental and climate protection in the highest degree through a neo-ecological construction process.