Virtual Reality World

Virtual Reality technology allows you to immerse yourself interactively into a virtual world, where you can easily design your unique dream home, down to the smallest details, according to your own ideas - from wall color to garden interior. See, feel and experience the atmosphere of your new home in an incredibly realistic manner. 

Within the area of home construction, VR thus not only enables ongoing changes and adjustments to the floor plan and furnishings, but it also provides you with the highest level of planning security. Our environment also benefits from this new type of house construction: VR technology serves as a communication interface for all stakeholders involved in the construction project. This also contributes to a climate- and environmentally friendly house construction, for example by avoiding the need to commute back and forth by car.

VR Glasses

With our Virtual Reality Glasses, you will become an architect and you will be able to bring your new home to life. You will have access to numerous pre-designed show houses that you can change and furnish according to your own taste - from wall color to bedside lamps. You will experience a real sense of space and you will be able to examine the smallest details with precision.


No previous knowledge is required to use the VR Glasses and the planning tool - the handling is simple and intuitive.



Download the BEE GW App which will later also serve as a construction diary
Here all data regarding the building process will be saved, which will then serve to calculate, amongst other things, the construction costs.

You will receive your VR Glasses in our Bee GW online shop
With the VR Glasses you are able to create the prototype of your new home.

Enter our VR-World
Our VR World offers you a set of pre-designed homes. With the VR Glasses you can redesign these homes according to your wishes, or get help from our experienced architects and developers in laying the foundation for your dream house.

Personal consult with our BEE home coach
From the first idea until the day you finally move in – our BBE home coaches will advise and support you along each step of the way.

Virtual try-out-living in your dream house prototype
Experience a super realistic try-out-living in your new home. Take in the atmosphere and furnishings – and adjust things as you see fit.

Realization of your dream house through the BEE Cashback Home Group
Together we will make you new home become a reality. All BEE Cashback Home houses are constructed in accordance with neo-ecological standards and the Fair Construction Codes.